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Raven's Throat Outfitters - NWT, Canada

Welcome! Griz, Ginger and the crew at Raven's Throat invite you to come experience the incredible MacKenzie Mountains.  Our area, S/0T/05, Raven's Throat Outfitters, is one of the most remote, game rich wilderness areas in North America, if not the world.  The consistent success of our area held true for 2019.  Our sheep population and quality of the rams did not disappoint.  We took 24 rams with several being 40"+ and our age class again, was an average of 10 1/2 years old.  The caribou were outstanding!  We harvested 26 bulls and they were all beautiful animals.  We took several in the 400" class gross B/C and lots in the 380"-390".  We are blessed to have an incredible and very reliable population of mountain caribou.  The moose hunting was great as well.  We took 7 bulls with 3 bulls making all time B/C and one very exceptional bull going 75" wide.

Our area is over 6,000 square miles, or the equivalent of just under 2 Yellowstone National Parks.  We are the only people hunting there.  This allows us to manage the harvest and allows the animals to reach their full potential.  We have a conservative management plan and strictly limit our harvest on all species.  Therefore, our hunters enjoy a virtually untouched wilderness with great trophies and no outside pressure.  Our mission is to provide our clients with the best hunting and outfitting on earth.  

Thank you for your consideration.  We look forward to serving you on an adventure and hunt of a lifetime.  You won't be disappointed!

The Raven's Throat Difference

The Raven's Throat Difference

It is our desire to make your adventure as carefree and surprise free as possible. Upon booking a hunt with us we will provide you with a detailed information package regarding travel, firearms, exportation, lodging before and after hunt, what to bring, and answers to commonly asked questions. We will always have one or two extra guides should the need arise that a client needs a few more days. You will notice the difference in all aspects of your hunt.

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