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Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Bill Groesch

Bill Groesch

Summer 2019 - Illinois

I was fortunate to hunt with Griz, Ginger and crew for sheep and caribou after another hunter was forced to cancel. I had hunted sheep, unsuccessfully, the past two years in Alaska and was excited to try something different. Boy was it different! I was able to shoot a great ram and booner caribou over the course of just a few days. But, the real highlight of my hunt were the people I met. Griz and Ginger were nothing short of amazing in their attention to detail and hospitality. They truly love what they are doing and it shows. Great comfortable camp and outstanding guides. My problem now is trying to figure out an excuse to come back!

Breck Johnson

Breck Johnson

Fall 2018 - New Castle, Co

The McKenzie mountains have always intrigued me, and upon flying in they didn't disappoint. The quality of game, the sheer beauty of such a raw and undisturbed place, is unequaled to anywhere I have previously been. I hunted for moose,caribou and wolf and can say the only thing I wish I would have had, was additional tags. I had such a great time with my guide and upon returning to camp the rest of the crew made you feel like family. Everything is top notch, from the pilot to the food. Can't wait to return and hunt sheep! Thank you guys for such a memorable and rewarding trip of a lifetime!It doesn't get any better than this!

Josh Herzog

Josh Herzog

Fall 2018 - Northern Minnesota

Griz, Ginger and all Raven's Throat staff,

It has been a few months since we were in camp at Raven's Throat, which has allowed me to reflect back on how amazing our experience with you really was. It was a trip that my dad, brother and I had dreamed of going on for many years and it truly lived up to our hopes. From the moment we jumped off the float plane we felt welcomed by the whole crew as they met us at the dock. I was impressed with the staff, the facilities and all that you have done in such a short period of ownership. It felt like you had been operating for many years as it was such a smooth and organized hunt. It is clear your operation is very passionate and motivated by the love of what you do to create positive experiences for your clients.

I really enjoyed the opportunity I was given to float down the Redstone River, as the scenery was beautiful and we saw all kinds of game. Caribou were everywhere and it was pretty incredible to call moose in from multiple camps on our journey down river. The morning I shot the moose still feels like a dream... I could not believe we had both a caribou from the night before AND a giant bull moose down within sight of camp. We had a lot of work in store for us and it was a relief that Griz and Matt were able to help out with the chopper. It was also really nice to use the chopper to drop my dad and brother at our camp towards the end of the trip.

It was special to have a couple days to spend together with hopes of having an opportunity at a wolf. Once back at the main camp I had a lot of fun catching grayling, lake trout off the dock and relaxing with everyone. It was unfortunate my dad slipped on ice and broke his ankle on the day we flew out, but thankfully it was at the end of the trip. I hope you're all doing well and it looks like you had an impressive end of the year. I'll continue to follow Raven’s Throat and I know in the future we'll have to book well in advance because everyone is finding out how great this place is.

Thanks again for the hunt of a lifetime, Josh Herzog

Albert Haas

Albert Haas

Fall 2017 - Mobile, Al

First class, flawless, spectacular. Don’t have the adjectives to describe my archery Dall sheep / mountain caribou hunt. Guides, staff , pilots all had great attitude and were exceptional. Most impressed by what they accomplished with just 4 months to prepare. Can’t wait to go back

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